What’s In A Name?

Almost everyone I know has or at least has had a grandmother. You know, that is the maternal parent of one of your parents. Grandmothers are called many things:  grammy, grandma, nana, momo, meemo, and the list goes on.

My grandmother was grandmother to me, only occasionally grandma. She was grandma to most of my cousins and Mama ‘Cile to my childdren.

Lucille Bigler

This is my picture of her, dressed for church.

She was never well to do, but she thought you could always dress and act like a lady. Unladylike behavior was not tolerated in her presence.

The children in the family always watched her left eyebrow. If it dropped, you stopped whatever you were doing and immediately started what you weren’t doing. She never raised her voice, but that eyebrow spoke louder than any amplifier.

When I think of her as she was when I was a child, this is what I see. This is the lady who taught me all of As Grandma Says.


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