Sneak Peek

The artist for this gift book is Audrey Jeanne Roberts. I am so glad that Harvest House engaged her for these illustrations. Not only are they beautiful illustrations, but they captured the essence of the grandmother who inspired the book in the first place.

My grandmother was a talented artist. Not only did she do the embroidery work you saw earlier on this post, she drew and painted. She did pencil sketches (I’ll share that with you later) and oils. She had her own darkroom and colored black and white photographs.  And she painted china.

Hanging in my dining room is a pair of oils she did. The subject was poppies.

And in the book, there is a double page spread with poppies. When I saw the poppy page, I was elated. I looked up from the proof and could see my grandmother’s pictures in my dining room.

There was a similarity in the feel and hand of both artists, even though one was working in oils and the other in water color.

My Grandmother's Poppies

Audrey Jeanne's Poppies

Audrey Jeanne knew nothing about me or my grandmother. She hadn’t even read the manuscript. God simply orchestrated the juxtaposition of this artist with this manuscript for His glory.


6 thoughts on “Sneak Peek

  1. How wonderful that you have tangible remembrances of a grandmother you were not privileged to know in person. The handwork carries the heart to the next generation. Thank you for stopping by, Ellen.

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