I arrived home from work today to find a FedEx envelope containing a hot off the press copy of As Grandma Says.  It was quite satisfying to hold  the three dimensional object in my hands. Paper quality is superb. The cover is as beautiful as I had imagined, except it has the added benefit of a slightly raised title, giving it great tactile satisfaction.

It is accomplished. I’m no longer just a writer. I’m an author. My grandmother would be so pleased.

Celebrate with me!




5 thoughts on “Wheee!!!

  1. It will be about two weeks before they can ship from the warehouse. This was a single copy in an envelope.

    My author’s copies will arrive later. And I’ll be ordering some for my speaking engagements. Should be shortly after the first of the month.

  2. Woohoo! Your beautiful book arrived safely yesterday afternoon – all the way to South Africa. I’m so thrilled. Judith, it’s beautiful! Congratulation all over again.

    Big warm humid hugs!

  3. Velda,

    Yes, it is a great feeling to have the real THING in your hand when a book is finished.

    Go find a baby picture of yourself and compare it to the picture of Ruby, the youngest in the family portrait below. When I saw the picture on your blog, the resemblance between you and her daughter Ruth startled me. You look like family.

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