My Back Porch – Part 3

A few years ago, my group of friends joined in the fad of figurine painting that was sweeping the country at that time. We decided that my back porch was just the right place for the project. Besides being well lighted, it saved having the mess in any of our homes. So my back porch became a veritable bee hive of activity.

I wonder how many still have their figurines. My Dreamer sits serene in her pale green ruffled dress with a spray of pink roses on her lap, keeping watch, along with the Colonial Lady over my back porch. She is dressed in an old fashioned plum colored full skirt, with a shawl and muff of ivory. The shawl is copied from one that I painted years ago with poppies as big as a plate and silk fringe a foot long. It is still a beautiful thing of real silk.

This is not the only activity that my back porch has seen through the years.

One of my grandmother’s figurines.


This essay was written by my grandmother, Lucile Ann Bigler, probably half a century ago. It was found, undated, in a small box of her manuscripts.  Probable date is 1960-something.

Note from Judith:  This figurine is not the Colonial Lady referred to in the essay. I’ll try to locate both Colonial Lady and Dreamer for photos.


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