From My Back Porch – Part 8

My back porch was not idle very long after the newly weds were transferred. Our next tenant was military personnel, a Lieutenant and his wife and their dog. He was stationed at the army base a few miles west of us.

His wife was a very beautiful girl. We got along well together, our visiting of course was done inside our quarters, for there was not much room for more than four people at a time in the apartment.

The dog was coal black and she always cleaned his feet before bringing him in from the daily walk on a leash with her. Otherwise he was in the porch most of the time. He was so well behaved one never knew he was around. In the evening they would take him out on the back lawn and all three would play ball. Blackie really enjoyed these romps.  We  would sometimes watch these games and really enjoyed watching. I am not too much for having animals in the house, but Blackie never did any harm inside, and they kept him so clean there was never any odor in the apartment.

La Delia had beautiful blond hair and always went dressed, ready for going out or any thing. It almost put me to shame the way I have to dress. I cannot do yard work or laundry in a spick and span house dress. I’ve got to really have on work clothes. Some women can work and look like they have just emerged from the proverbial band box, but not me.

La Delia spent a lot of her time with me. And the evenings that the Lieutenant would be at home, they would have a game of bridge with us or maybe a session of table tapping. which prove to be a prime source of fun.

Tim, the Lieutenant, got the biggest kick out of it. When he would get certain answers from the table, he would jump up and run around the table laughing and saying “Just wait til I tell the boys at the base about this. Will we have fun!” I hope they did, for it was not too long before their turn came to move.

I still can’t see through levitation anyway and I don’t understand it. I was a very strong skeptic until I had played all sides of the table.  My good neighbor is a firm believer in the truths of the table’s answers, and I must admit that it hit the nail on the head enough times to make me wonder if there is really some occult power that sees all and knows things that the other two players can’t possibly know.

These things come to memory as I sit with my coffee in my back porch.

This essay was written by my grandmother, Lucile Ann Bigler, more than half a century ago. It was found, undated, in a small box of her manuscripts.  Date is 1960-something.

** WWII was a time when people sought all kinds of reassurances – including a revival of spiritualism of which table tapping is a part. It was used as a parlor game, easy, cheap and diversionary. All one needed was four chairs, a card table and some friends with questions. You could pass an entire evening without spending any money or using any ration coupons. Sometimes the answers from the table were accurate enough to have you questioning whether there was a force on “the other side” that knew all and told all.

In fact, God is the one who knows all. But Satan is a master counterfeiter. He can and does mimic God in enough ways to fool those who are not firmly grounded in the Word.  The occult is real, it simply isn’t the real truth. Having been a part of some of those sessions as a child, I had to work through recognizing the occult for what it was.


All the questions that made a difference in those sessions were rooted in fear. Fear is a lie of the enemy. It doesn’t come from God. But the war played on our fears and people grasped at straws.  I’m grateful that we grew beyond those years.


2 thoughts on “From My Back Porch – Part 8

  1. Very Interesting post. I agree with you that the occult is real but deceptive. I also think some people possess an extraordinary empathy, an ability rooted in truth, that is sometimes, deceptively, passed off as clairvoyance.

  2. Sometimes the discernment provided by the Holy Spirit can appear to be “spooky” or clairvoyant.

    But I have experienced that extraordinary knowing and knew it came straight from God because without having that moment of knowing, I’d have been decimated by the events that followed.

    That knowledge was simply further evidence of God’s graciousness toward me.

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