A New Direction

A New Direction

It has been three years and more since I was active with this blog. It began as a tribute to my grandmother, Lucille Ann Bigler, nee Mankin. It was her teaching and mentoring that led to the publication of As Grandma Says, my devotional gift book published by Harvest House in early 2011.

Then it fell silent. I was unable to locate the missing pieces that I had last written about in June 2013. It seemed that there was nothing more to be said except that they are lost.

It has come to my attention that we have generations of young parents coming up without the practical knowledge that our mothers and grandmothers handed down.

As an example, some years ago my daughter had just delivered her first child and was attempting to breast feed. She was engorged, and the baby was hungry, unable to latch onto the nourishment nature provides. The hospital and breastfeeding experts had no help for her.  At that time, breast shields were out of favor.

When I got there the following day, she and the baby were being dismissed from the hospital. Our first stop on the way home was at the local drug store to find a breast shield which would help the infant and protect the engorged breast.

The first feeding with the breast shield was quite successful, and the baby got enough nourishment that he slept, happily sated, for more than three hours. During that interval, we applied a breast pump to help dis-engorge the breasts and provide a supplemental supply for the refrigerator if needed.

Within forty-eight hours, the engorgement was gone; the breast shield was cleaned and stored; and the baby nursed happily for the remainder of his infancy. All because Grandma knew what to do. And how did Grandma know what to do? Her grandmother had provided the same information to her in similar circumstance.

Grandmas are the common sense keepers of our culture. We know what works because we’ve seen it or done it successfully.

For the foreseeable future, this blog will seek to address some of the common pitfalls of parenting. Trends and fashions come and go. Certain methods are in favor at some points and out of favor at others.

While I will be addressing parenting and educational issues that I see (from the sidelines now), questions are most welcome. Please use the comments for your question and look for a short response there. Who knows? Your question just might become the basis of another post.




2 thoughts on “A New Direction

  1. Wish I had known you 37 years ago! My mother, though with me when my son was born had been too fashionable to breastfeed her own children and frowned upon my efforts. Suffice to say my son only received 2 paltry weeks of breast milk most of which had been pumped.

    1. Unfortunately behaviors go by cycles. Sometimes things are in and sometimes they’re out. Rearing children requires that we really bypass the fads and maintain a stable methodology. Wish I’d known you then, too.

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