If Your Head Won’t Work…

When you have a young family, mornings can be very hectic. But there are things you can do to preclude the disaster that mornings can be.

We’ve all see that sign that says think_plan_ahead

and giggled at the irony.

But there is truth in that saying.

A good morning starts the night before.

  • Make sure your kitchen and dining room are ready for breakfast before you go to bed.
  • Check the weather forecast and select your wardrobe from top to bottom, putting it on a single hanger at the front of the closet. Undies and accessories can be tucked into a baggie or spent grocery bag and looped onto the hanger. No fuss, no hunt.
  • Things that need to leave the house with you should be organized into a single container – back pack, brief case, cardboard box, whatever fits.

Most people don’t plan to fail. They simply fail to plan.

Or as my sainted grandmother used to say

“If your head won’t work, your heels must.”

Thinking ahead saves unnecessary trips and much frustration.

Have a really good Thursday – first day of Autumn – morning.



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